14/03/2017 · JonTron’s channel is down about 10,000 subscribers since the controversy broke. It all began on Sunday when Jafari tweeted a defense of U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). King, supporting the Dutch

Jon is the host of the JonTron Show, reviewing games, films, televisions shows, and even infomercials in an absurdist, black-comedy style. Over the years, his style has gradually evolved from light absurdist humour, to increasingly psychotic and morbid black comedy, with heavier doses of vulgarity. Mr. Tron is somewhat of a sociopath, often shaking off other peoples' suffering and only 'Place nette' pour les sponsors en 2024 à Paris, quitte à inquiéter les défenseurs du patrimoine, dérogations pour accélérer les travaux jusqu'aux Jeux d'été, volet sur l'éthique et la… Les sponsors ont payé 2 milliards de dollars. Il faut dire que leur contribution à l'organisation des Jeux n'est pas du tout symbolique. Les 53 sponsors officiels, habilement répartis en Les sponsors des JRP AB Vista. 3 rue Woodstock Court - Marlborough Business Park - MARLBOROUGH SN8 4AN Wiltshire (Royaume Uni) Tél : +44 1672 517 650 – Fax : +44 1672 517 660 E-mail : emea@abvista.com - Site Internet : www.abvista.com. AB VISTA, spéci 1m Followers, 53 Following, 132 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jon Jafari (@jontronshow)

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18/12/2018 Welcome to JonTron! Hopefully laugh!


YouTube Star JonTron Under Fire for Controversial Comments on Race and Immigration. Jonathan Jafari aka JonTron celebrates at the PlayStation 4 Pro midnight launch event at Sony Square NYC on JonTron, New York, New York. 338K likes. Welcome to JonTron: A comedy show about a guy, his parrot, and a penchant for yelling at rotten media.